Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Less is more—it’s a saying we’ve all heard. It’s often true when it comes to matters of aesthetics, or used to emphasize the importance of quality over quantity. But, in 2016, more was more at CRN, and the quality of work our members have come to expect remained consistent as the quantity of accomplishments soared. In 2016, CRN did even more than before.

Download CRN's 2016 Annual Report and see for yourself:

2012 Annual Report


As demonstrated in this report, 2012 was full of activity. CRN is pleased with what we were able to accomplish, and we couldn’t have done so without our members. The truth is we will never be free of trials and tribulations which is why CRN remains relentless in our mission to develop a more favorable climate for dietary supplements, and we are grateful to have our members' continued help and support. 

2013 Annual Report

AR2013.jpg2013 was a busy and exciting year for CRN as we celebrated the association’s 40th anniversary and had many successes. The association is grateful to its member companies that make the important work CRN does for the industry possible. 

2014 Annual Report

AR2014.jpgActions speak louder than words. We all learned that idiom growing up. 
We can all talk the talk, but what’s more important is walking the talk. 
CRN walks the talk—with purpose. 

Download CRN's 2014 Annual Report for a summary of our 2014 accomplishments, available in two formats.

2015 Annual Report

AR2015.jpgIn 2015, CRN embarked on a new three-year Strategic Work Plan while facing the unexpected challenges brought about by the New York Attorney General’s (NY AG) allegations—making it a uniquely rigorous year, to say the least. Still, CRN never lost focus on its goals and on its member companies who drive them. We encourage you to take a moment to review the report to see how much we’ve accomplished together.