CRN Recommended Guidelines for SARMs‐Containing Dietary Supplements

These voluntary guidelines address the distribution and marketing of dietary supplement products containing selective  androgen  receptor  modulators (SARMs). CRN  recommends  that  its  members  follow  these  guidelines for their dietary  supplement  products,  and  encourages  all  dietary  supplement  producers  and marketers to follow these recommendations.  

FDA Warning Letters Database for Dietary Supplements

This free online tool compiles FDA Warning Letters sent to dietary supplement companies into a searchable database to help industry achieve better regulatory compliance. The database can be used to evaluate FDA’s warning letter allegations of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) violations, products making impermissible claims, and products tainted with illegal ingredients. 

Code of Ethics

CRN and its members share a commitment to improving public health through nutrition, including the appropriate use of dietary supplements and functional food1.In pursuit of this goal, CRN’s members pledge to observe and uphold the highest ethical principles in their dealings with their customers, suppliers, competitors, regulators and consumers in order to foster confidence in our products. In particular, CRN and its members commit themselves to the following ethical principles